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When Yesterday Spoke

A Spoken Word Piece

Published by Scribe 2 Script™

            The sun cracked the sky and slipped through the thick, white clouds.

            A robin sang a melody not too soft and not too loud.

            I yawned a yawn, and I stretched a stretch as I sat up on my bed,

            I scratched my left shoulder and the right side of my head.


            The day looked quite familiar, much like the day before

            When I yawned and stretched the time before my bare feet hit the floor.

            I crinkled both my eyebrows and peered out through the window,

            The wind moved the sycamores. The robin reached a crescendo.


            It seemed a sort of message, the day—it echoed strange,

            Then I had a single thought that seemed really out of range.

            So, I left my bed and checked my phone to check up on the day,

            My eyes grew wide, my mouth agape for what the screen did say…



            But I knew it couldn’t be

            Because time moves onward, straight ahead,

            It never waits for me.


            But this time, it was different

            As I would soon find out,

            A figure stood in front of me,

            I was stunned; I couldn’t shout.


            I am Yesterday. Remember?

            Well, no, of course—you wouldn’t.

            You always fill me with things you should do,

            Then convince yourself you shouldn’t.


            Most times, you leave me empty,

            Butt out, hanging on the line.

            You rarely make the best of me,

            You often waste my time.


            So, I’ve come to ask a question,

            Why do you hate me so?

            For when, to you, I give my time

            You ignore it and tell me no.


            You might not do it with your words,

            Lack of action works just fine,

            And I’ve come to the conclusion —

            You like leaving me behind.


            I know I’ll land there anyway,

            But I’m always your today,

            And I ask that you use me wisely,


            Before I go away.


            See, everyone has a yesterday,

            But tomorrow’s never promised.

            So before you decide to waste me again

            I suggest you think about it.


            Not trying you tell you what to do,

            After all, I’m not the boss.

            I’m just a day gone by

            With precious time you’ve already lost.

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