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Upcoming & Past Events

Project Ujima's Local Author Meet & Greet!
 June 1, 2024 ~ Akron, Ohio

Project Ujima Author Meet & Greet! June 1,  2024
The authors were rolling in, and the set-up was real...

I met many wonderful authors at Ujima's Local Author Meet & Greet! The experience was beautiful, informative, and enjoyable. I appreciate the invite and look forward to the next gathering of creative souls! Thank you for the event, Project Ujima & Elizabeth's Bookshop & Writing Centre!

(All photos courtesy of Kenneth Wilson Jr.) 

Almost finished with the set-up...
It's morning, ya'll! So this is me, trying to appear awake! Lol!
Enjoying the people & the process
Time to go home. Thank you, Jesus, for a successful day!!
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