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Boo-Bip-A-Lot Day Cover_1.jpg

Crunky McBunky
ISBN - 10:1546953523
ISBN - 13: 978-1546953524

​​Ever had one of those days where you could use a little help? 

Crunky McBunky has a day just like that but can't seem to get anyone to give him a hand in the delightful children's book, "Crunky McBunky."

Boo-Babbit No-Show



Hey there! What’s going on in town? Mirrors? Cameras? Mischief? The town mayor is excited, and so is everyone else—except one person. Boo-Babbit is his name, and he’s doing just fine minding his own business. That is until three scoundrels decide to carry out a sneaky-bad plan.

He Said My Name!

ISBN - 9781077130395

Being an older sibling gets a little tough at times. Little Timmy Thompson is having baby brother issues and he's not too sure what being a big brother means, but he's pretty sure having his toys slobbered on shouldn't be part of the deal!

Baby Jay has a surprise for Timmy though that just might help him figure the whole thing out.

Boo-Bip-A-Lot Day
ISBN – 9798738711374

How far can your imagination soar? Can it create silly celebrations? Can it take you places and dress you up in lots of fun? Join Eddie Exclamation and Miss Question Mark to find out and create some Boo-Bip-A-Lot Day shenanigans!

The Little Sit-Down Boy
ISBN - 9781086367393

While it's great to have a sit-down sometimes, having one all of the time can be a problem!

Little Troy Miller loves to sit and won't do anything else — even with a nudge from Mom and Dad!

Troy is happy with all of his sit-sat-sitting until he loses something that causes him to think twice about his favorite pastime.

Miss Mingle BoBingleeBox

ISBN - 13: 979-8577199463

She keeps a pee-ew attitude and takes an extra dose of, "I'm-better-than-you," and "leave-me-alone!" Her name is Miss Mingle BoBingleeBox, and she's about to get all tied up in a lesson! 

Take a peek into the town of MoMeetsville and find out what she learns!

Poetry Book Cover 2.jpg

Heart Strings - A Conversation in Poetry

ISBN: 9798863496443

 (Suitable for adult readers)

Within the pages of this book lives a conversation in poetry. Through poetry and spoken word pieces, the author gives glimpses of experiences relatable to most and emotions felt by many. Sit back, relax, and journey through the poetic melodies of Heart Strings.

The Why, Oh Why's of Serena Dunson

ISBN: 9781093792119

It's 1986, a time when an anxious teen had to wait for outcomes and answers...

Like every teenage girl, Serena Dunson has expectations, inhibitions, goals, and fantasy-like plans — especially when it comes to boys. She's got her first dance and Justin Davis in her sights, but Todd Jackson forever clouds her view.

Add to that, her little brother Joey's antics, a crazy next-door neighbor, a dash of Mom, plus her homegirls Morgan and India, and Serena has enough questions to last her a lifetime.

The Attic

ISBN: 9798544111948

 (Suitable for adult readers)

Hushed secrets. Quiet mysteries. The undesirables that seek to capture human souls—but for what cause? Margaret Gentry finds herself entangled amid a terrifying family curse that has overshadowed Congleton Manor for generations. With her mother and father gone and her younger brother taken captive, Margaret sets out to rescue him, save herself, and defeat the curse.

Pebbles In My Shoe - Front Cover.jpg

Pebbles in My Shoe

ISBN: 9798879645408

 (Suitable for adult readers)

Pebbles in My Shoe is a compilation of varied spoken word pieces and poetry that express feelings when words seem elusive. 

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