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Ava Blu Wilson ~ Bio

Hello! I'm Ava Blu Wilson. I reside in Akron, Ohio, where I was born, raised, and later met the wonderful man I married, Kenneth L. Wilson Jr.


It's safe to say that I love to write. Writing is my God-given passion. It's part of a creative adventure that presents welcomed challenges, late nights, baggy-eyed mornings, and rewarding discoveries. Would I trade any of it? No, and I thank Jesus for all of it! 


I've created stories and loved words since I was a little girl. It all started with rhyming and writing poetry, which I still do. Words are a part of the melody in my soul and the beginnings of a much bigger picture than myself. 


Since my "little girl days," I've written much material, and in 2014, I attended Full Sail University and earned a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment degree. That experience added much more insight into my writing journey, and it only made sense to venture further down the road into what I've loved all my life.

Writing isn't always easy (it's a tea-infused, nail-biting, do-I-have-any-hair-left endeavor at times), but the challenge of coming up with a great story is rewarding. Writing, for me, is an ongoing learning process that I appreciate and enjoy sharing with others.

The other things I enjoy include: drawing, painting, and illustrating. One of my favorite mediums to work with is acrylic paint—but you will catch me using my fingers or anything else that will create a design! I guess you can say I'm a creative soul who truly appreciates God's gifts and does her best to use them for His glory!


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